Hell’s Encore by John L. Monk

Wow, let me just say how surprised and thrilled I am with this book! I was concerned that it was going to drag, being the 2nd book and all, but it was amazing! This book is a bit darker and... Continue Reading →

Hell’s Children by John L. Monk

I love anything post-apocalyptic! But this book was a lot more than I expected. Written entirely from the perspective of children (and young teenagers), it shows the dirty, gritty side of what it would really be like, without being depressing.... Continue Reading →

Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas

I wasn't looking forward to this book as much because I felt like it was more of a spinoff, so I pre-ordered it and then forgot when it was coming out. Imagine my surprise when I turned my kindle on... Continue Reading →

The Cautious Maiden by Dawn Crandall

The Cautious Maiden by Dawn Crandall The Cautious Maiden is book 4 in the Everstone Chronicles. Violet Hawthorne has suffered enough in her young life. After the unexpected and unexplained deaths of her parents, her brother decides to convert the... Continue Reading →

The Seventh Day by Tara Brown

The Seventh Day by Tara Brown The zombie apocalypse. It's a story that has been written a thousand times in a thousand different ways. Personally, I was pretty sure I've read every kind of zombie book there is.....seriously, it's an... Continue Reading →

Catalyst Moon by Lauren Garcia

Kali is a crippled mage, living in a world where anyone with magic is kept under lock and key.....literally. She is being escorted to a healer in Whitewater City, where she will be stationed. Stonewall is one of the sentinels... Continue Reading →

Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas

Oh. My. Gosh.¬†Wow......I don't know where to start. First, let me start off with a story. Lol!! Almost eleven years ago, I was a fan of S.J. Maas when her story was first posted on I stayed up for... Continue Reading →

The Matter Chronicles by P.G.Thomas

I was just informed that the WHOLE series (books 1-6) will be available FREE on Amazon on September 11 and 12 (books 1-3 will also be available on Sept. 13).   From author, P.G. Thomas: "The first trilogy now includes... Continue Reading →

Tranquil Fury by P.G. Thomas

Tranquil Fury by P.G. Thomas Tranquil Fury starts out with a school bus and 6 high-school students. We are introduced to John (child prodigy, skipped 4 grades, a veritable genius), Eric (typical jock, low grades, star of the athletics dept),... Continue Reading →

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